Individuals Honoured at Initiation, Elevation, Exaltation and Conferment Ceremonies

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The Order of the Knights of Rizal – Firenze Chapter held its Initiation, Elevation, Exaltation and Conferment Ceremonies in Siena on 9 September 2018 at the Hotel Athena.
The event was presided over by the outgoing Area Commander for Italy Sir Carlos Mercado Simbillo, KGOR. Attending the event were delegates from the Knights of Rizal Chapters of Rome and Modena with messages of support received from European Regional Command, the Chapters of Cagliari and Messina.
The highlight of the event was the awarding and recognition of Prof. Dott. Vasco Caini who made the first translation to Italian of the majority of Rizal’s works.
His works based on his own translations include two editions of Noli Me Tangere, Il Filibusterismo, Diari e Memorie, Scritti Politici e Storici, Scritti Vari, Opere Letterarie, Lettere aI familiari, Lettere ad altri, and released this year, Lettere a Blumentritt, lettere ai colleghi della Propaganda.
Prof. Caini’s first published work on Rizal was his translation to Italian of Noli me tangere, which was published in 2003. Books were continued to be published until present. He also hosts and maintains the website which serves as the primary source of information about Jose Rizal in Italian and where digital copies of his work are available for open access. The works can be found on or
The works are expected to be a bridge between better people-to-people understanding between Filipinos and Italians and sets the foundation for future study of Dr. Rizal’s works in Italy.
As part of the ceremony, several Filipinos and Italians have also been honoured alongside Prof. Caini.
Initiation to the Order with the rank, Knight of Rizal (KR)
– Sir Christian Attanasio, KR
– Sir Marco Boni, KR
Elevation to Knight Officer of Rizal (KOR)
– Sir Moises Malimban, KOR
– Sir Eddie Manalo, KOR
Exaltation to Knight Commander of Rizal (KCR)
– Sir Elmer Alvarez, KCR
– Sir Franco Biagini, KCR
– Sir Arman Cruz, KCR
Conferment of the Distinguished Service Star (DSS)
– Sir Mario Cadauan, KOR
– Sir Rob Carrillo, KOR
– Sir Dennis Arcilla Reyes, KCR

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