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Rizal’s works in Italian

Prof. Caini receiving the Medal of Recognition for his works. The Knights of Rizal – Firenze Chapter supports and promotes the work of Prof. Vasco Caini who translated Rizal’s known complete works. By our knowledge, Vasco Caini is the first Italian translator of Rizal’s novels Noli me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, but likely many of Rizal’s other works as well. Vasco Caini maintains the website where his complete works can be seen. For his great work, the Firenze Chapter has nominated and recognised Vasco Caini and he received the Medal of Recognition from the Knights of Rizal.

To ensure that Vasco Caini’s works remain available for posterity, the Knights of Rizal – Firenze Chapter | Research Programme has uploaded his works to an online open access repository to ensure that the works remain available, free to the public.

Available works

Below are some of his works that are available for free.